Vintage Barbie Dolls – A Must Have For Collectors

The term Vintage Barbie Dolls refer to dolls manufactured between the period 1920s to the 1980s. Since 1959, when the Barbie doll was first introduced by Ruth Handler, many households have at one point or another invested in this item. The reason is because the Barbie doll continues to provide the girl child with an opportunity to parent another “child”. We have also seen boys love this toy, especially with the introduction of Ken, Barbie’s friend in 1961 and accessories like automobiles.

Given the love people have for this toy, there have been several modifications made to the Barbie doll. These alterations are related to the design, size and accessories of the doll. It is reported that there are more than 100,000 collectors of Barbie dolls. Majority of them invest in the acquisition of vintage Barbie dolls with the vintage ponytail and vintage swirl ponytail.

Reasons why people invest in Vintage Barbie Dolls
In the early days, the Barbie doll was associated with tall, slender and blonde white ladies. However, this has since changed over the years and it is normal to see multicultural Barbie from all over the world to suit different ethnicities. There are Barbies from India, Mexico, Africa, and Africa-American and even Japan to name but a few.
This has seen the numbers of collectors striving to keep memories of this lovely toy alive, by collecting vintage Barbie dolls that were in existence since the 1920s through to the 1980s. Some of the reasons for this collection are based on the features of most of these dolls, which are as listed below:

• Flexible joints: The earlier dolls were manufactured in a way that children could manipulate the posture of the dolls to several different styles. This was made possible by the knee joints that were flexible and easy to manipulate with each click.
• Packaging: Vintage Barbie dolls had the advantage over other types of dolls, in the way in which they used to be packaged. It was much easier to identify and distinguish them from the “non-original models” because they would be dressed in their original clothing and accessories.
• Hair: These dolls had hair, made of materials that allowed children to restyle with minimal ease. This feature continues to distinguish vintage Barbie dolls from the rest. One also had a variety of hair styles to choose from, starting with the swirl curly hair, long hair, ponytail, hair tied in pigtails, amongst other unique features.
• Accessories: The dolls had their own matching and unique accessories in terms of dress, panty, shoes, eye glasses, jewellery, and gloves. These accessories also helped children learn more about cleanliness as they could easily remove and wash them; or even stitch extra accessories up for their Barbie dolls.
• Fascinating features: Some of them were so unique, for example the talking Barbie, Barbie’s with rotating wrists ,and hands that could hold in place different accessories
The above are just a few reasons why people invest and should continue investing in these vintage dolls.

Every parent should endeavour to buy a Barbie for their children as these dolls keep both parents and children engaged in fun filled activities, especially when one purchases the complete family set.

They are durable and are worth the money used to purchase them. They have always been good value for money and one reason for this is because one can be passed on from one child to the other within the same family for several years.

If you cannot beat the joy associated with Vintage Barbie dolls, why not enjoy the fun they bring by buying one today for your children!


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