The Barbie Doll Professionals

Barbie Professionals are a great inspiration to many girls in the world today.  Teaching as a profession was one of the most popular careers for women, whereas more technical and high paying jobs were pursued by males.  It was thought that teaching was less demanding as opposed to other careers.

With more opportunities being created for the girl child to get an education, there has been an influx of certain male dominated professions by the girl child and these include careers such as engineering and information technology, just to name a few, which were considered too technical for them.

The girl child grew up with a doll that wore an apron and whose duties were mainly domestic chores.  Everyone requires inspiration in life and the more hours you spend with someone who inspires you the more you want to be like them.

My belief is that most girls grew up with the knowledge that their role was to take care of the family which was not a bad thing but they had no options available.  Unfortunately the society encouraged this and it was made worse by the dolls that were manufactured wearing aprons and holding kitchen cutlery.

However with the emergence of the Barbie professional, so many things have changed and the girl child is pursuing careers of her choice.

Mattel’s recent introduction to the market has challenged the girl child who has seen the transition of the doll from a domesticated one to the current professional Barbie. She can easily identify with the professional doll especially if her mother is a career woman and is able to see the dual roles her mother takes balancing family and career which is a very positive thing.

The manufacturer has actually brought it out so well in that females do not have to change their physical outlook to fit into certain careers and can always adjust.  A lady pilot does not have to behave in a masculine manner to prove that she is a one.

She can still wear her jewelry, make up and perfume with her uniform while on duty because it does not alter what she can do.  After all it is the knowledge and how it is put to use that matters in any profession and not the physical appearance.

For a long time the girl child feared pursuing certain careers because they felt that they would have to give up their femininity.  This does not have to be so anymore with the advent of these dolls.

It will certainly take years for males in certain professions, previously dominated by them to fully accept females in the same field.  However with time, they will slowly appreciate them as more male children grow up with these dolls in their household.

This is an inspiration to any girl child and if you can see something with your eyes you are more likely to achieve it, especially if it is a passion. Mattel has certainly achieved her goal with the production of the Barbie professionals.

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