The Barbie Culture

The Barbie culture is linked to how the females in the society have been able to juggle the domestic chores as well as their careers.  This doll depicts the capabilities of a liberated woman who wants and can get anything she wants from life as long as she has the right attitude and is willing to work for it.

It is an empowering  toy for any girl child because, they not only see the woman in her true role as a mother, dressed in an apron and preparing a meal for her family, but they also see the same lady dressed so exquisitely in a fashionable manner and looking like a princess ready to go to work.

This doll has a lot of history from which the girl child can learn.  Naturally, a woman is supposed to be beautiful, clean and trendy and this doll brings it out so clearly.  Mattel, their manufacturer, always produced and dressed them according to the on-going fashion trends.

Some people portray this doll as an opportunistic female who uses her beauty to get whatever she wants but this should not be the case.  The Barbie doll generally explains what the female can achieve whatever they set their mind on.

Many girls all over the world can attest to having admired this doll and the beauty it portrayed in so many ways.  From the beautiful and fashionable attire to the make up and jewelry she adorned as she grew.  Manufacturers of the doll, Mattel, ensured that they covered the various stages a girl child undergoes from a little girl to an adult lady.

A girl goes through several challenges in all these stages and a clever person can use these to empower the female child by informing them that they can go through life’s challenges and still come out victorious.  The manufacturers of the dolls went ahead and produced different race dolls that each girl in the world could identify with.

The Barbie doll culture clearly portrays what a female child has achieved to date, from the times of staying at home to take care of the family to current where we can even talk of female presidents.

These females have not had to change themselves to do what they do but they have only proven that being female should not be a limiting factor to any woman who wants to attain her dreams.

The Barbie would not have attained all these without support from the males and this is depicted by Ken who was produced by the manufacturer to support Barbie.

Therefore the girl child has only herself to blame if she does not achieve her goals because the Barbie Doll culture has put it in a very colorful and story like manner the opportunities available for women and how they can still be feminine and successful in whatever career they choose.


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