Pop Culture Barbie Collection

The Pop Culture Barbie Collection is probably the most fun to collect out of all the other collections. It gives us a chance to own a Barbie modeled after our favorite movie or television character or music icon. There is even a Barbie that harkens back to the 80’s. Barbie collecting is fun that each generation can enjoy. When you remember what the Barbie dolls looked like when you were a child it brings back fond memories to see that doll again. The pop culture collection does just that and then some.

There is an Elvis Barbie complete with a gold shimmering suit and black bouffant hair. The Sinatra Barbie has Frank’s signature look, a dapper suit and fedora hat. The Reba McEntire doll bears a striking resemblance to the singer and is dressed in a beautiful red shimmering gown to match the singers stunning red hair. The Debbie Harry doll has the singer’s two toned blonde and black hair, a microphone stand and a flashy hot pink mini dress. The Faith Hill and Tim McGraw dolls bear a strong likeness to the singers and the Tim McGraw dolls comes complete with the black cowboy hat the singer is most known for.

If movies are more to your liking you can start with the James Bond series. You can have Barbie dolls fashioned after every femme fatale in the movies all the way down to a Halle Berry look alike in the famous scandalous bikini. There are also Grace Kelly dolls, both bridal and in a fashionable floral dress. If you like the classics, you can collect the cast of The Wizard of Oz, from Dorothy to the Tin Man to the Wicked Witch, they are all costumed beautifully and look as if they just stepped off the movie set. For the newer movie crowd, there is the Twilight series from Bella, Edward and Jacob to Jane and Victoria. The Bella and Edward dolls look just like their movie counterparts. Edward even has the sparkly pale glow of the vampire from the movie. Jacob is shirtless and in denim short, just how he appeared through most of the movie.  For the Star Trek fans, you can own Captain Kirk and Spock complete with star fleet uniforms and communicators. You can also own Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.

The Dynasty television series has the Krystal and Alexis dolls with signature hair and gowns from the characters. The Alexis dolls has a gold lame’ gown with the large puffy sleeves that were so popular in the 80’s. The Krystal doll has the hair do replicated exactly like the character and is wearing the white gown from the opening sequence.
These dolls still look like Barbie. The hair is close to the actress’ styles and the fashions are very good replicas from what I can see but the faces are still very Barbie.

There is also a Harley Davidson couple for the motorcycle lovers. The Harley man doll has leather pants and a biker chain while his biking companion is suited all in white leather. There truly is a doll for each of your loves and they keep getting more fun to collect.



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