Make Money Collecting Barbie Paraphernalia

Collecting Barbie Paraphernalia can start out as a hobby and later on become a very lucrative business for any young girl later in life. There are very many materials that a young girl can start collecting from a very early age.  This not only includes the discipline of organization and focus, but may lead to entrepreneurship later in life for this child.

The manufacturer of these dolls, Mattel, has produced several of these items, since they started business, for decades.  As fashion and style changes, so do the doll as well as its accessories and environment.  It is a clear indication of what is going on globally in relation to the girl child as well as her transformation in relation to her environment.

Any mother who knows how lucrative the collection of these dolls is would encourage their daughters to engage in Barbie collection if they are interested.  They can collect the dolls from so many places such as classmates, relatives as well as from family friends. This is because majority of us store used items such as dolls these in attics and throw them at some point if the children have all grown up and moved from home.  Other people simply give them away.

By slowly getting into the habit of collecting these dolls and packing them well, a person can make a fortune selling them later in life.  There are so many items that can be collected as follows:-

Dolls: All kinds of dolls have been produced from blondes, Caucasians, brunettes and Africans, and their hairs also go with the fashion of the time.  Those manufactured in the 50s had the 50s hairstyles and so on.

Clothes: The dolls came dressed up with the on-going fashion at that time.  This depended on the age of the doll, whether a teenager just about to join university, or a graduate who is about to enter the job market and many others.  People dress differently at all stages and Mattel capitalized on this and dressed these dolls according to the fashion trends and most teenagers and university students were likely to be found in jeans.

Accessories: These dolls came dressed up in jewelry, scarves, earrings, bangles and several others.

Furniture: The doll lived in different houses over time thus showing her progression in life.  Therefore, how the doll has evolved, is not only a learning process for the girl child but it empowers her.

Others: Several other items came with the dolls and these included cake stands, hair ribbon cutlery and items that were manufactured together with the doll.

Benefits of collecting Barbie doll stuff
The value of these dolls appreciates over time as does Barbie’s paraphernalia and they can be resold at a price.  Therefore, by collecting Barbie materials, a young entrepreneur can sell them out to other people and make a profit.

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