Bridal Barbie Collections

Bridal Barbie Collections are always a hit with cute little girls. Every girl has her favorite Barbie doll collection, some will continue and some will stop collecting after a few years. Earlier, there were not that many Barbie doll choices. I remember when I was small; I loved Barbie dolls, but, I didn’t have much of a choice to buy from. Now when I go to shopping centers, I find a huge collection of Barbie dolls – Bridal Barbie Dolls, small Barbie dolls, queen Barbie dolls, Barbie dolls with kitchen set, etc… Nowadays, kids have such great choices to buy a wide range of Barbie dolls.

I had collection of Barbie dolls when I was a kid. I didn’t want any other toy other than my Barbie. I loved to comb her hair, dress her up and fantasize about me being her and someday meeting my prince charming.

There are also many different Barbie products available for your doll. Now, if you buy a Barbie doll, you can get kitchen sets, furniture, houses, cars, different dresses for your doll, different hair colors, etc.

 Since I have grown up, when I see a Barbie doll, somehow I get pulled towards her and want to add her to my collection. There is now a new set of Barbie doll collections. It’s nothing but a bridal Barbie doll. In that collection, Barbie is in a beautiful bridal gown and is waiting for her prince to carry her away. She looks so beautiful and stunning in her bridal wear. Earlier, it was one set of bridal wear for your doll. Now, there are many varieties of bridal wears. When you see that, you can often feel confused as to what to buy and which color to choose from. Mattel, the manufacturers of Barbie dolls can really read the minds of children. That’s why they have come up with so many different varieties of Barbie doll collections.

As a child, I used to play kitchen with my doll. At that time, I only had one Barbie doll and would borrow utensils and some of the kitchen stuffs from my mother to play with. Barbie was like a close friend to me when I was a kid. Now, I kind of feel jealous of those children who can buy Barbie dolls along with a kitchen stove and a complete kitchen set. They are very lucky it seems.

Its fun to change Barbie’s clothing and making her look stylish according to one’s wishes and desires. With all the options to dress their Barbie doll, I am sure children find it so much fun to change Barbie’s costumes and hairdo according to one’s likes and dislikes. Now, children can make Barbie look stylish with modern outfits and hairdo or they can make her look like a traditional doll with just simple costumes and hairdo.

When I see all this, I want to make sure I encourage my children to play with their Barbie dolls and possibly start collecting them. I will encourage them to continue it as their own favorite past time. That way I can also play with them and their dolls.

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