Barbie’s Many Characters

Everybody likes the company of a well raised child, and that is just one of several Barbie characters, as portrayed in story books that have been published about her, as well as the movies in which she has played a role.

Character is the moral fiber of an individual and those who have good morals can live anywhere and comfortably in the society.  This is because they are a joy to be with and have personalities which are adorable.

Parents work very hard to ensure that their children are raised well.  Some of them take their children to finishing schools, even though they are costly.  This is because they are very useful for children to learn etiquette and other life skills, which are useful for their future interactions with people globally.

The story line of Barbie in several movies portray her as a girl with such a strong character.  She is an empathizer in one, where she had to take on the role of a supportive elder sister to a sibling, who was rather apprehensive to take part in a race. After talking to her the younger sister was confident again to take part in the race.  This is what any mother would want of her elder daughter, to be an inspiration to her younger siblings and give them confidence that they can do anything they set their eyes on.

Some of the characters in the movies, in which she has acted, depict her as a dancer, singer as well as a song writer.  These are all unique skills that every parent would wish for her child.  Children, who are groomed to pursue what they love, always excel in life, and this can be seen in some of the swimmers and other sports stars we all watch on television.  Parents just have to identify these talents early enough.

There are specific roles where she has shown great bravery and courage.  This is a necessity for anyone in this world, because in order to excel you must be courageous and brave enough to get out of your comfort zone, a trait that each parent would wish for their children.

The role of the doll in most of the story books and movies, not only show the girls and ladies in this world that they can achieve anything they set their eyes on, but also maintain their beauty, both internally and outside.

Inside beauty is revealed by Barbie through her tenderness, concern for others, love, multi-skilled as well as courageous.  Her outside beauty is shown by the way she grooms herself physically and dresses in a smart and fashionable manner with an addition of beautiful jewelry.

 There are so many positive attributes of the doll, such that any parent would ensure to buy a Barbie doll for each of her child’s birthday.  Today, Barbie can almost be used as a mentor in schools, colleges and even the workplace. This is because she portrays the Barbie characters which have a positive effect on any one who takes their time to watch her movies or read her story books. Barbies many characters exemplify many qualities and characteristics we would like our own children to demonstrate.

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