Barbie Princess Collection

All young girls love their Barbie Princess Collection and love watching the Walt Disney Pictures of the Barbie Princesses and the different themes that are presented in the movies and on DVD.

Barbie dolls have a special attraction to all children in the respect of being able to dress the doll, have a tea party; take a walk in the garden or just brushing the dolls hair.  The new focus on the Barbie dolls has broaden the scope of the children to live out their imagination of having a doll that is living in a castle and doing the fun things that a princess in a castle would do.  The children would build a complete story around the toys that was purchased.

Bedtime stories of prince and princesses, fairies and witches, ogres and dwarves have been with all of us through the years and currently you will find that Barbie has been associated with Mermaids, Fairies and desolated islands and how she would go about to save the animals and live happily ever after with her prince in a beautiful castle.

The girls would ask to have a Barbie doll and all the accessories and if there is a full length movie available for the particular doll range.  After they have watched the movie, their own stories would begin based on what they remember.

The clothing for the Barbie Princess is a range of dresses with the most beautiful designs and tiara’s to match every dress.  Collecting the different clothes and accessories for the princesses may start of as a hobby but as the child grows, the hobby turns to the need to collect all the different princesses that is in the range.  Every doll has a different dress and accessories and it is not enough to only collect the doll.

Special care is taken to make sure the Barbie princesses do not have a mark on them and the dolls would be placed in an area where it could be displayed without gathering dust.  Some would keep the dolls in their original packaging and have the accessories surrounding the particular princess.

As time moves on, the older child would realize that the collection of Barbie princesses is unique and to have a complete set of Barbie princess would lead to research on all the princesses that was produced.  The value of the complete set may not be looked at in monetary value but more of sentimental value.  The building up of the Barbie princesses collection may span over many years and as the newer dolls and the accessories is brought onto the market; the collector would be one of the first to purchase the new doll and to keep it in a mint condition.

A collector would go anywhere and pay any price to complete a set of Barbie Princesses.  To pass on the history of the complete collection to someone else would be a great achievement and to think it all started by playing with the doll that was a princess that got married to a prince and drove away in a carriage to live a happy life thereafter.

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