Barbie and Ken Collections

Every girl possesses at least one Barbie and Ken Collection in her collection of toys. No matter what her age or maturity level, every parent gifts their daughter these dolls which go on to become both a collector’s item plus a wonderful memory. Barbie dolls were debuted in 1959 and have been all the rage since then. Between then and now, there still isn’t another doll that comes even close to the pinnacle of success that surrounds Barbie dolls even today.

All Barbie and Ken dolls are famous for their stylish clothes and accessories. With the unlimited different styles of clothing, purses, shoes and other frills, these dolls will always be a favorite among young and older girls alike. To cater to the boys need as well, the Barbie developers came up with Ken; Barbie’s boyfriend and the male version of Barbie dolls. A lot of girls proudly display their Barbie and Ken collection while showing off their toys. The Barbie and Ken collections are guarded jealously as each girl strives to reach the point where she possesses all of the Barbie dolls available.

Barbie and Ken collections are available for purchase online as well. For enthusiastic collectors, these websites are incredibly helpful because they have antique collectors’ items that are not available in the stores anymore. They have leads for other very old and valuable Barbie dolls which were released when the brand was launched for the very first time.

Barbie and Ken collectible have also been based on different Disney characters not to mention famous childhood fairy tales. These add special character and meaning to both the dolls making them worth hanging on to for decades. These are then passed on from daughter to daughter with loving memories. There are different Barbie and Ken collections like Rapunzel Barbie, Princess Barbie, Swan Lake Barbie, Vintage Barbie, etc. Barbie dolls are also based on different celebrities and events; famous fashion models and actresses have been used as inspiration for new models of Barbie dolls. Also the Barbie and Ken collections have been specifically designed for events like Fashion’s Night Out, NYC.

Judging by their popularity, Barbie dolls have been labeled role models for young, impressionable girls. The Barbie and Ken collection have been designed with this fact in mind, so that they reflect the growing culture and traditions in the environment. The Barbie dolls are evolving constantly, keeping in line with upcoming conventions and customs. To avoid discrimination law suits, the Barbie dolls have also been created for different ethnic backgrounds and for girls universally to be able to identify with the symbolic and beautifully crafted doll. To support the ethnic differences, many accessories have been created which add flavor and uniqueness to every Barbie doll. To aid even more with young girls supposed idolization of the

Barbie dolls, they have been given different jobs like doctor, stewardess, astronaut, rock-star, princess, etc.

Many people also sell or barter their Barbie dolls, making the collectors’ even more vigilant in their quest for enlarging their Barbie and Ken collection.

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