How To Find Collectible Barbie Dolls

It’s easy to find collectible Barbie Dolls. There was a time when children’s toys and dolls were nothing more than playthings, but TV shows such as “The Antiques Road show” have proven that, given the proper love and attention, those childhood toys can become high-priced collector’s items.

There are many different toys that fall into the collector’s category, but perhaps none more so than Barbie Dolls. Since her initial release in 1959, Barbie has gone through a number of style changes, as well as countless special edition releases, oftentimes in conjunction with historical anniversaries, movies and TV shows, all of which have made her the go to girl for doll collectors.

It is estimated that there are currently over 100,000 serious Barbie collectors, and finding that missing piece for the collection is all part of the fun. There are a number of different avenues which those collectors use in order to get their hands on that one great piece, and most will tell you that the best place to start is as the official website.

You could literally spend hours going through the dolls they have on offer, and the best part of buying from there is that you can be sure that she will be authentic and will come in the original packaging; a must for all serious collectors.

There are other options, especially for those searching for a bargain, and EBay may be the best of those. Doing a quick search for Barbie dolls will yield thousands of results, with that number growing on a daily basis.

Before dropping any money in an auction, it’s always best to make sure that the seller has a stellar track record, and that the condition of the doll is clearly stated in the ad. Again, dolls that come in the original packaging are the most desirable, and EBay may be one of the better ways to find those.

Yard sales and thrift stores are another good option for collectors as they are often a great source for finding hidden treasures. What someone may think of as a plain old Barbie doll may in fact end up being an older, vintage release that is highly sought after.

There have been many instances of collectors stumbling across valuable Barbie’s whilst rummaging amongst other old toys and games, but the major downside of adopting this method of searching for collectibles is that the dolls will rarely, if ever, come in that much coveted original packaging.

There are also collector’s magazines and online classified where people post their Barbie’s for sale, but unless those print ads come with a picture, it becomes something of a leap of faith to purchase a collectible “sight unseen.” For pure peace of mind, the official Barbie site is probably the best way to go, but those with a sense of adventure, much like the Barbie they love, can roll the dice and perhaps score a major bargain. Finding collectible Barbie Dolls is not only lots of fun but can turn into a profitable hobby or business and provide you and your family many hours of fun and enjoyment.


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